London street 28, Rhodes, Greece

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A small group of people with experience in the dental market has visualized a company which will strive in the excellency of regeneration and implantology. This vision came into reality in the begin of 2008 with the foundation of StomaScience Company.

StomaScience is an import trade company located on Rhodes island and operates in the field of surgical oral instruments and equipment for the Greek and Cyprian dental market.

At the present time StomaScience is cooperating with some companies who are dealing with very well-known brands and have top of the edge product assortments in terms of high quality, uniqueness and pioneers in technological aspects. StomaScience is responsible for the representation and distribution of their product lines in Greece and Cyprus. The companies are: Implant Direct, Salvin Dental Specialties, Tekscan and Implamed.

Implant Direct is an international company with some very well-known brands in implant systems like Legacy, Replant and SwishPlus are. Implant Direct is operating under the umbrella of Sybron. Sybron is the holding company of Kerr, KaVo and many others, as well as Implant Direct.

Tekscan has developed a unique device with which the clinician is able to record in a digital form the occlusion of the patient.

Salvin Dental Specialties provides to clinician with everything needed for the clinic and the oral surgery.

Implamed has developed a unique device with which a clinician is able to create a metal frame inside the mouth of the patient, directly after the placing of the implants.

The mission of the company is to provide high quality products on the most competitive prices.